First Hungarian Web Theatre - The Way We Love

First Hungarian Web Theatre - The Way We Love

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Performances of the First Hungarian Quarantine Theatre can only be followed on TRIP Facebook page. The venue is closed by the time being.


Have you ever wondered how Hungarian poets love?

WebTheatre powered by TRIP presents: The way we Love-Hungarian literature of love.
In the next chapter of our experiment of bringing our Hungarian culture closer to anyone, we present some of the most beautifully written, classic art works. We will suffer together, sigh together, cry together, laugh together, and we will try to understand the meaning of love, in every possible layers.

The poets:

Balassi Bálint
Csokonai Vitéz Mihály
Kölcsey Ferenc
Vörösmarty Mihály
Petőfi Sándor
Ady Endre
Kosztolányi Dezső
Juhász Gyula
Szabó Lőrinc
József Attila
Radnóti Miklós
Weörös Sándor

The translators:

Adam Makkai
Dora Roberta
Watson and Kirkconnel
Morgan, Edwin
Nyerges, Anton
Peter Zollmann
Tamás Kabdebó
Judit Meződi
Katalin N.Ulrich
Tamás Ország


Every performer agreed to join the First Hungarian Quarantine Theatre without getting paid in return. By buying tickets and donating to us, you help us keep working in these tough times. All the donations go to keeping TRIP afloat and supporting the performers. All you have to do is add the 100 HUF ticket to your basket, then on the checkout page, you add the amount of money you would like to donate us apart from the ticket price.



Read by:
Alexis Latham
Owen Good
Roderick Hill
Kata Sarbó
Rebecka Johnston
Merker Vera

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